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Thank you for your interest in the University of Pennsylvania's Behavioral Sleep Medicine CBT-I workshops. This registration site is for those interested in taking our Basic or Advanced CBT-I courses or the Penn Mini-Fellowship.


Insomnia is widely recognized as the most common sleep problem and is also a leading complaint in primary care settings. The consequences of, and the morbidity from, chronic insomnia can be substantial and include impaired daytime performance and quality of life, increased risk for new onset and/or recurrence of psychiatric and/or medical disorders (e.g., major depression, diabetes, etc.), likely exacerbation of co-existing psychiatric and/or medical disorders, and (given the various risks) increased health care utilization and costs (both direct and indirect).

CBT-I has been shown to be of equal, or greater, effectiveness than hypnotics, and to have superior durability. Further, effective treatment of insomnia not only improves sleep quality and daytime functioning, but may also influence the clinical course of such comorbid conditions as chronic pain and depression. Given these considerations, it is not surprising that several leading professional societies (including the ACP) recommend that CBT-I be the first-line treatment for chronic insomnia. 

Our CE/CME course curriculum was the first to be offered (since 2005) and is the only comprehensive set of CBT-I educational products to be in continuous development over this timeframe. Our workshops (originally offered at the University of Rochester) are hosted by the University of Pennsylvania's Behavioral Sleep Medicine Program and are designed to provide clinicians from a diversity of backgrounds the training needed to provide empirically-based CBT-I.


  • Basic CBT-I Course: October 20th and 21st (Friday - Saturday), 2023
  • Penn Mini-Fellowship (PMF): February 15th to 17th (Thursday - Saturday), 2024
  • Advanced CBT-I Course: April 11th to 13th (Thursday - Saturday), 2024


The University of Pennsylvania, Perelman Quadrangle, Houston Hall: Ben Franklin Room. We hope that conference guests enjoy our lovely campus. Because the courses are on-campus,and are not hotel-based, attendees are responsible for securing their own accommodations. Below is a list of hotels that are in University City and are a short walk to main campus.

The following Hotels and Bed & Breakfasts (click for links) are located near the Conference Hall:


For conference information and questions, please contact: 
Alexandria Muench, PsyD 
Behavioral Sleep Medicine Program, Department of Psychiatry, University of Pennsylvania
Phone: (215) 746-4378 
Email: amuench@pennmedicine.upenn.edu

Course Pricing: Penn Basic CBT-I Course (Two days)

Attendee Credentials Early Bird (In-Person) Standard (In-Person) Early Bird (Virtual) Standard (Virtual)
MDs/DOs $649 $699 $455 $490
PHDs/NPs/PAs $549 $599 $385 $420
MLCs/MSWs $449 $499 $315 $349
Trainees* $349 $399 $245 $279

*A trainee = Graduate Students and Post Docs

Course Pricing: Penn Advanced CBT-I Course & PMF (Three days)

Attendee Credentials Early Bird (In-Person) Standard (In-Person) Early Bird (Virtual) Standard (Virtual)
MDs/DOs $949 $999 $665 $699
PHDs/NPs/PAs $849 $899 $549 $629
MLCs/MSWs $749 $799 $525 $559
Trainees* $649 $699 $455 $489

*A trainee = Graduate Students and Post Docs

Click HERE to register for the Basic Course
Registration for the Advanced Course and the Penn Mini-Fellowship will be online roughly 8 months prior to the event dates.

To lock in your spot for the Advanced Course or the Penn Mini-Fellowship, 
click the following links to pre-register:

Advanced Course Pre-Registration Site
Penn Mini-Fellowship Pre-Registration Site

Limitations of Virtual Attendance:

We are happy to offer our courses as Hybrid events (Hybrid = attendance is possible both in person and virtually).
In days past, the costs of a simulcast equaled or exceeded on-site costs. With Zoom, and like platforms, this is no longer so…
Accordingly, the courses can be broadcast at minimal additional expense.
While there are still a variety of course expenses, we decided to discount the registration fees by 30% for virtual attendees. 

This said, please know there are limits that come with virtual attendance:

  • ​​​​You cannot ask questions at the moment
  • You can’t visit with the speakers before or after the course, or at breaks
  • The AV will likely not be perfect
  • You’ll likely be asked to walk the dog (if you are home)
  • You’ll likely be interrupted by co-workers (if you are at work). 

To mitigate some of this, you will be able to submit questions via the chat function on the platform.
One of our staff will present them.

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