Mission and Vision

The purpose of this seminar is simple: to provide therapists unfamiliar with Behavioral Sleep Medicine the opportunity to "jump start" their training in the Cognitive Behavioral treatment of insomnia.

The 3 day Basic Seminar is an intensive educational experience that covers a diversity of subjects related to the etiology and pathophysiology of insomnia and to the assessment and treatment of insomnia. Successful completion of this seminar is intended to position experienced therapists to begin practice with CBT-I in the context of an apprenticeship model and further continuing education activities. For an itinerary from the last course, please click here.

The 3 day Advanced Seminar is only for those who have completed basic training through Penn or the VA CBT-I Program (or have permission to attend the course). The workshop is split 2:1 in favor of active learning exercises to lectures. The learning exercises include e.g., case presentations and role plays. The lectures (day 1 only), cover several advanced topics including Advanced Models of Insomnia, Actigraphy, Interpreting PSG reports, alternative treatment strategies (e.g., sleep compression, bright light treatment, etc.). For a prospective itinerary, please click here.

To date, our seminar has offered training, worldwide, to more than 2000 clinicians. This represents, to our way of thinking, a good start towards our ultimate goal: to provide a pathway toward the ultimate goal of having enough BSM / CBT-I clinicians available to provide such services at each and every sleep disorders center clinic in the United States.

The seminars, while crafted for established and experienced clinicians who practice other forms of CBT, may also serve as a good educational platform for clinical trainees and non-CBT practitioners who wish to be better informed about this treatment modality.

Click here to view slide sets about who should provide services in Behavioral Sleep Medicine and one proposed pathway towards training in CBT-I.

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