Advanced Practice Testimonials

I am a Clinical Psychologist practicing Behavioral Sleep Medicine in a busy Sleep Disorders Center. I have been practicing BSM and CBT-I for over 5 years. The degree of artistry and intricacy that goes into this practice continuously astounds me. The Advanced CBT-I course does an excellent job of highlighting these aspects of CBT-I. While I consider myself to be close to an expert in my practice, this course opened my eyes to things I had never really considered before. I had been getting stuck more with my patients, stalling in my practice, and going to work dreading the day at least once a week, which is why I decided to take this course. Drs. Perlis, Posner, and Ellis are all phenomenal instructors and provide invaluable insights into the process of practicing CBT-I. I returned to work after the course excited to see my patients and invigorated with new ideas and strategies under my belt. I also gained a lot of insight into my personal treatment style and have made some “tweaks” as a result. Ultimately, I believe that my patients will receive better care from me as a direct result of my attendance at this course. I don’t know what more I could ask for.

Sleep is the golden chain that ties health and our bodies together. ~Thomas Dekker

Psychologist, CBSM, MI (2015 Advanced Course)

"Superior workshop in all aspects -- exceeded my expectations, which were high. A great workshop!"

Psychologist, AL (2014 Advanced Course)

"I liked the practical aspects of delivering CBTI. I also appreciated reviewing the concept cases and treatment resistance. In the future, I would like more time devoted to alternative modes of delivery (Skype, group, etc) and adjunctive treatment, such as mindfulness."

Psychologist, MD (2014 Advanced Course)

"Excellent Content. I would have liked a little more time on PSG interpretation. But this was an excellent workshop. It exceeded my expectations. Thank you!"

Psychologist, WA (2014 Advanced Course)

"The medication talk was great!"

Psychologist, MD (2014 Advanced Course)

"This was a great conference and really the next step that I needed to become more proficient in CBTI."

Psychologist, NJ (2014 Advanced Course)

"There are few opportunities in your professional career when you can learn from the very people who are leading the field. This training was phenomenal in its coverage, and the knowledge/expertise of the presenters is mind-blowing. It is clear that a lot of effort went into planning and execution and I would wholeheartedly recommend this to those interested in CBT-I and it's practice. Changes to the program: Not sure if feasible, but consolidating questions to Q&A after a talk, and limiting the Q's to a certain extent during a talk may help to focus on the talks. However, despite saying this, I acknowledge how useful the participant questions were in broadening the experience. Damned if you do/don't, I suppose!"

Psychologist, Boston (2014 Advanced Course)

"Overall great seminar-- thanks for offering this and please do more."

Psychologist, Private Practice, NY (2014 Advanced Course)

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to take this opportunity to comment on the CBT-I seminars provided by Dr. Perlis and his colleagues.  I am the medical director of the Sleep Disorders Center and division chief of sleep medicine at the University of Tennessee Medical Center in Knoxville, Tennessee.   In fifteen years of practice I have been to numerous conferences, many failing to meet my expectations.  The CBT-I courses (beginner and advanced) provided by Dr. Perlis are outstanding.  Through these seminars I have been able to gain new insights and skills that have vastly improved my ability to care for patients with chronic insomnia.  The courses can be extremely useful for all levels of clinical experience.  The advanced course was of great value because of the numerous cases presented and discussed. There is ample opportunity for questions and dialogue with Dr. Perlis, his colleagues and those in attendance.  In addition, a multitude of resources are provided including access to seminal papers, numerous types of questionnaires, and other useful material.  

MD, ABSM, Knoxville, TN (Advanced Course)


The 2017 CBT-I Advanced Practice workshop with Drs. Perlis, Posner, and Ellis was wonderfully informative, wildly entertaining, and thoroughly enjoyable! I learned an enormous amount and, best of all, had an opportunity for the kind of “networking” I truly enjoy – meeting and chatting with like-minded colleagues who are also passionate about the field of behavioral sleep medicine. Many, many thanks to all those who made possible such a marvelous opportunity for learning and connecting!

Psychologist, Stanford University, Stanford, CA

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