Clinical Tools and Information

assets/user-content/documents/ActigraphResponsibility.docAll the materials designated below have PDFs that may be downloaded. Simply mouse-over the title and click to view the PDF. Save a copy from within the PDF viewer to your hard drive.

What to Expect when Expecting CBT-I

Core Set of CBT-I Questionnaires

Sleep Diaries

Therapist Checklists

  • Therapist Session-by-Session Checklist (Note: this version of the checklist was used for a specific CBT-I project. They likely will need to be adapted for clinical use or other applications)

Consent Documents

Other Useful Questionnaires and Handouts

Actigraphy Agreements

Sleep Hygiene Handouts

DoD CBT-I Training Resource Page:

*Please click image to access the page. They URL is also included below the image.

Dr. William Brim, Deputy Director, DoD Center for Deployment Psychology







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