Contact and Directions

The Center for Cognitive Therapy is located on the 4th floor of 3535 Market Street, Philadelphia PA, in Suite 4000. Therapy sessions are conducted virtually, as well as on site, depending on various factors such as your geographic location and your therapist’s availability.


Please note: Any mail sent to the general email account (above) will be read and distributed to whom it pertains. For your own protection, do not use this e-mail address to send or request confidential and/or sensitive information. It is preferable to call the intake line at 215-898-4506 to leave a message, or use the regular postal service address (listed below) for such purposes.


Center for Cognitive Therapy 
3535 Market Street, 4th Floor 
Philadelphia, PA, 19104-3309

Attn: Cory F. Newman, Ph.D., Director



To set up an appointment, please call (215) 898-4506.

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