Group Therapy

There is an opportunity to participate in group therapy here at the Center for Cognitive Therapy. The fee for each group therapy session is $60 (if you have a Penn Behavioral Health insurance plan, or Penn student insurance, your co-pay will be the same as for individual cognitive therapy). Interested individuals should contact Dr. Tom Treadwell at 215-746-0448 in order to inquire further. To be eligible to take part in a group, you will need to be scheduled for an initial diagnostic evaluation as a pre-requisite to being accepted for treatment. Thus, you will need to call the intake line as well (215-898-4506) in order to arrange for this evaluation. See the “Starting Treatment” tab under the “Clinical Treatment” tab for more information.

During the academic year the group is conducted by remote video on Tuesday evenings starting at 5:30pm. Each group meeting lasts at least 90 minutes. These groups focus on problems with depression, anxiety, social phobia, and relationship-intimacy concerns. Individuals experiencing other difficulties who could benefit from group cognitive therapy are welcome as well. The group utilizes cognitive therapy techniques such as thought records, goal setting, and problem solving.

Important Note: If you take part in a group, it is very important that you attend regularly, not only for your own benefit but for the proper functioning of the group for all participants. Our ability to continue to offer group therapy is dependent on the commitment of its members to attend every week, or as often as possible.

Although the group is not run during portions of the summer, you may still call to reserve a spot in advance of when it resumes in the fall. In the meantime, you may choose to undergo your initial diagnostic evaluation as soon as a slot is available, which can be scheduled throughout the calendar year, summer included.

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