Director's Corner

We have a long history of providing our patients with expert cognitive-behavioral therapy, and our therapists take a caring, respectful approach with each patient. We are committed to providing those in need of our outpatient services with the professional understanding and cognitive-behavioral coping skills they need to improve the emotional quality of their lives, promptly, and for the long term.

Although we welcome the chance to treat new patients, we also strive to direct patients to the most appropriate outside therapist if coming to the Center for Cognitive Therapy is not an option for some reason. If you have an interest in obtaining cognitive therapy (also known as cognitive-behavioral therapy) but cannot be seen at our offices, we can still help point you in the right direction. We have given patients referrals to family and couples therapists, child and adolescent therapists, Medicare providers, forensic psychiatrists, career counselors, and to free treatment studies. We want as many people as possible to benefit from cognitive therapy, even when we are not the appropriate resource.

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