Earth Week at Penn


Dear Colleagues,

We are excited to share on behalf of Penn Sustainability the 2022 dates for Earth Week at Penn: please mark your calendars for April 18 – 22.  Earth Week presents an opportunity to inspire the Penn Community to take sustained action with groups on and off campus around themes of connecting with nature, resilience, and environmental justice.

In the spirit of community engagement and support for these imperative goals, we enthusiastically encourage you to participate in this year’s Earth Week by hosting and attending events. Event hosts are asked to submit plans for inclusion in the Earth Week calendar using this form by Friday, April 1st.

Events for the week from all Penn schools will be consolidated into a single calendar on the Penn Sustainability website, following a similar organizational model as Climate Week.

In addition, please be on the lookout for information on PSOM efforts in sustainability, including an upcoming e-waste recycling event in April.

Thank you for your participation and help in supporting Penn’s commitment to positive impact.


Jon Epstein, MD