Important information regarding changes to NIH Biosketch and Other Support Form requirements


Dear Colleagues,

You may have seen recent notification that the NIH issued new requirements and clarifications for Biosketch and Other Support forms. 

While the current effective date for use of the new forms is May 25, 2021, the NIH has clarified that proposals using the existing forms and Biosketch template will still be accepted for proposal submissions prior to January 2022. 

We are expecting the NIH to list a further clarification extending the required use date for the new Other Support format as well, and we will share updates on this communication if/when the delay is announced. 

Additional details available at this time are below and here.

Thank you.



Changes to the Biosketch and Other Support forms are significant and are summarized as follows:


  • Expanded instructions for the listing of appointments to include all positions and scientific appointments both domestic and foreign, including affiliations with foreign entities or governments. This includes titled academic, professional, or institutional appointments whether or not remuneration is received, and whether full-time, part-time, or voluntary.
  • Elimination of the listing of Ongoing and Completed Research Support.  Instead, grants that the investigator wishes to call out may be listed in the Personal Statement.
  • Importantly, the 5-page limit for the Biosketch remains.

Other Support

  • Will include:
    • committed effort in calendar months for all years of listed active and pending grants
    • a new “In Kind” Contribution Section
  • Will require
    • the uploading of any agreements or contracts with foreign entities for the individual (translated into English)
    • the PI to provide an electronic signature certifying the accuracy of the submission

The Office of Research Services has begun and will continue to provide training sessions on the new requirements to the research community.  They are also developing new tools to assist with the collection and aggregation of the information researchers will have to provide in the forms.  If you have specific questions or have identified areas that require NIH clarification, please reach out to Missy Peloso ( ) for assistance.

Jon Epstein, MD | EVD/CSO

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