Invitation to submit written commentary on Health Research Priorities for 2023-2024


Dear Colleagues,

Please see here an invitation from the Pennsylvania Department of Health to submit written commentary to recommend health research priorities for the Commonwealth Universal Research Enhancement (CURE) Program for state fiscal year 2023-2024 (more information below).

This year your recommendations can be submitted via the online form

Best wishes for the new academic year,



Act 77 of 2001, the Tobacco Settlement Act, authorized the Department to establish a health research program, known as the CURE grants which awards two types of health research grants: (1) health research formula grants, which are awarded only to hospitals, universities and non-profit organizations that have received three consecutive years of funding from the National Institutes of Health; and (2) non-formula grants, which are awarded competitively in response to a Request for Application (RFA) that is issued regularly. Any person or organization located in Pennsylvania is eligible to apply for the non-formula health research grants in response to the RFA issued by the Department.

The non-formula health research grants fund biomedical, clinical and health services research projects that are consistent with specific research priorities. The research priorities for both formula and non-formula grants are reviewed annually and revised as needed. The research priorities are established by the Department in conjunction with the Health Research Advisory Committee (HRAC), which is chaired by the Secretary of Health. The CURE health research priorities since 2001 can be found on the Department’s website at, under Health Research and CURE.

Jon Epstein, MD