Maintaining PSOM Contact Information


Dear Colleagues,

Over the past two years, our PSOM Ready Mission Continuity and Resilience Planning Team has thoughtfully and tirelessly provided guidance to our community.  Our collective ability to respond quickly at the onset of the pandemic is credited largely to this team, which has been meeting regularly for many years to prepare for various emergency scenarios.  While no one could have predicted the magnitude of what we’ve been through, PSOM Ready put in place many safeguards to help us adapt and stand “ready.”

One such measure is the implementation of an emergency communication system, LiveProcess.  This essential tool serves as PSOM’s primary building notification system and supports emergency communications. In the event of a PSOM or University-wide network outage -- where Penn email and systems may be inaccessible -- PSOM may communicate with you via text message and/or personal email address.

Therefore, it is critical that you maintain updated information in this system.  Specific instructions follow below, which should take no more than five minutes to complete.

Thank you for your time and attention to this very important request.

All best,



To ensure that you will be contacted with critical communications, a personalized link from will be sent directly to you tomorrow to access your individual LiveProcess record and provide and/or update the following information:

  • Office and cell phone numbers
  • Add non-Penn email addresses
  • Primary building location
  • You may also enroll to receive or change your relevant building notifications. 

The LiveProcess message will have a header as follows:

PSOM ready header

If you have any questions about this message, please contact  

Jon Epstein, MD