Linda Seabury

Linda Seabury

Research Laboratory Technician Cancer Biology & Abramson Family Cancer Research Institute

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Years of Service at Penn


Linda provides research support services, including: help desk monitoring and response, collection and processing of biohazardous waste, preventative equipment maintenance washing and sterilization of lab glassware, management of central gas supplies and completing regular floor checks to promote safety and preparedness. Linda's customer base includes labs across close to a dozen different departments, divisions, centers and institutions within PSOM.

Linda Seabury has been a steady force among our Research Facilities and Operations Support Team for close to 18 years. She will retire later this summer closing out a 25-year career at Penn. Linda's a beacon of positivity as she delivers essential lab support services, mentors junior team members and works collaboratively to assist her colleagues. Over the years, Linda has promoted an environment of lab safety, provided stellar customer service and ensured consistent organizational functions during periods of staff transition. The faculty Linda works with share uniformly high praise.


After receiving news of Linda's planned retirement, Ben Stanger commented:

"In her quiet way, she has been a source of unwavering dependability, She has provided generation after generation of lab members with essential research infrastructure, allowing them to pursue their experiments with confidence. If anyone on the staff deserves a spotlight for their contributions to research in the Abramson Family Cancer Research Institute, it is Linda Seabury."


Roger Greenberg shared:

"Linda Seabury is the consummate professional. She has worked with us since the opening of my lab and is someone we have continuously relied upon to keep our research efforts running smoothly. Linda is eminently dependable and performs all aspects of her job perfectly. She truly leads by example and we will miss her greatly. Linda, you have our respect and admiration. We wish you the very best during your retirement."


This is a small sampling of the tremendous feedback received regarding Linda's career contributions. We are excited to nominate Linda for this well-earned PSOM Staff Spotlight!