Norman Butler

Norman Butler

Director, Core Facilities Department of Radiology

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Years of Service at Penn


Norman has been a valuable member of the Radiology Department for over 25 years. He began his professional career as a clinical MRI tech, transitioned into the role of the lead research MRI technologist and a few years ago was promoted to Director of Core Facilities. In his current role, Norman is responsible for managing the MRI research core and overseeing and leading all of the core facilities throughout the research division.  He always goes above and beyond to support his colleagues, leadership as well as the mission of the department. Most recently, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Norman has exemplified initiative, problem-solving and leadership skills as he led our cores to an effective and efficient operational model during these trying times. He was behind the scenes developing standard operating procedures, finding answers to pressing questions, on site to check equipment and being sure all those returning on site had the proper protective equipment.  Norman often stays behind the scenes and never expects to be highlighted for his work. He continues to keep the research facility operating, and when we received the call for identifying a staff to highlight, we knew it was time to give him the recognition he deserves.


Norman is responsible for overseeing the core and lab facilities within the research division of Radiology. This includes: leading the groups, developing SOPs, strategic planning and daily operations.