Sample Data Management Sharing Plan Templates

“Deadlines are coming fast, and many of you have chosen to use DMPTool to write your plans. Whether or not you use this tool, one of the things we want to encourage you to be mindful of is that your Data Management & Sharing Plan needs to fit your project. Sample plans are available but you are expected to customize the language to reflect the requirements of your specific project. Be mindful of copying and pasting language from sample plans that don’t accurately describe your data management and sharing strategies.

If you are having trouble coming up with accurate descriptions in your plan, please feel free to reach out to the Research Data & Digital Scholarship (RDDS) group within the Penn Libraries at The sooner the better as the deadlines are quickly approaching.”

NIH DMSP Format                                                                                                               

NIH DMSP Guidance Working Group Sample Plan                                                          

NIH Clinical & / MRI Data from Human Research Participants Sample Plan                    

NIH Genomic Data from Human Research Participant Sample Plan                             

NIH Genomic Data from a Non-human Source Sample Plan                                         

NIH Secondary Data Analysis Sample Plan                                                                      

NIH Human Genomic Data Sample Plan                                                                          

NIH Technology Development Sample Plan                                                                    

NIH Human Clinical and Genomics Data Sample Plan                                                    

NIH Gene Expression Analysis Data from Non-Human Model Organism Sample Plan  

NIH Human Survey Data Sample Plan