Mauck Laboratory

Stem Cell Mechanobiology and Differentiation

R01 AR071399 NIH/NIAMS

Dual PIs: Eileen Shore and Robert Mauck
Title: Mechanobiology of Progenitor Cells in Heterotopic Ossification
Time Period: 7/1/18-5/31/23

Representative traction stress vector maps for Acvr1+/+ and Acvr1R206H/+ cells on 10kPa substrates in basal media.

The major goal of this project is to determine how the R206H mutation in the ACVR1/ALK2 receptor alters progenitor cell mechanobiology resulting in aberrant differentiation and matrix ‘read/write’ errors during muscle repair that ultimately culminate in an impaired muscle healing response and the formation of disabling heterotopic bone in fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva (FOP).

R01 AR075418 NIH/NIAMS

Dual PIs: Robert Mauck and Eiki Koyama
Title: Mechanical Regulation of Cell Fate and Multi-Scale Function in the Developing Meniscus
Time Period: 4/1/19-3/31/24

This proposal uses a series of novel mouse models and micro-scale experimental techniques to investigate the origin and track the fate and function of cells that comprise the mature meniscus. We will also define the time-evolving structural and mechanical features of the developing matrix, and query the role of joint loading and cellular response to mechanical inputs in this developmental paradigm.

I21 RX003854

PIs: Scanzello, Carla
Title:Targeting Cellular Mechanosensing to Alleviate Joint Stiffness in Synovial Fibrosis
Time Period: 08/2022 – 07/2024

The goal of this SPiRE Award is to determine whether modulation of synovial cell mechanosensing can attenuate joint fibrosis

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