Mourkioti Laboratory

David Sidibe, B.S.

Research Technician (Mourkioti Lab)

Currently: PhD student, CAMB/DSRB Graduate Program


Research Interests

To find and understand molecular pathways underlying abnormal degeneration of the cell, as well as those underlying regeneration.


Bethesda, MD

Non-science activities

A typical night when I get back from work involves eating dinner while watching Netflix and surfing the web. Then I like to make some tea and play the bass guitar while I wait for it to cool. On the weekends I like to sleep in and take it slow, while finding some way to be productive during the day. Not being a party animal, I like to spend weekend nights watching tv or a movie with a close group of friends.


February 8th

Favorite sentence

My real dream is that everybody will see their self-interest tied up with someone else, whether or not they see them, and see that as an opportunity for growing closer together as a culture and as a world.

- Majora Carter

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