Mourkioti Laboratory

Elisia D. Tichy

Instructor A 


Research Interests

Muscle stem cell function and signaling in disease and aging.


Shenandoah/Frackville PA

Non-science activities

I enjoy playing softball, hiking, canoeing, and photographing waterfalls. I also love the winter season (the best). I like to ice skate, even if I’m not very good at it. When I have some free time, I try to get involved in volunteer-type activities and/or fundraising events. Indoors, I like to watch movies or read. I’m also a kid at heart and sometimes even enjoy watching an anime movie. I love trying out restaurants with cuisine that is different from the norm, but I also like a burger every now and again. As for pets, I have one Betta fish- Zeus, as well as 3 Otto catfish- Larry, Moe, and Curly, that are Zeus's tank mates. I’m not looking to expand any more, but you just never know what will happen.


November 30th

Favorite sentence

What about _______ ? Has anyone looked into/tried that? 

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