Chapters from the Behavioral Treatments for Sleep Disorders (BTSD): BSM Treatment Protocols for Insomnia

BTSD -- Ch.1: Sleep Restriction Therapy - Spielman

BTSD -- Ch.2: Stimulus Control Therapy - Bootzin

BTSD -- Ch.3: Sleep Hygiene - Posner

BTSD -- Ch.4: Relaxation for Insomnia - Lichstein

BTSD -- Ch.5: Sleep Compression - Lichstein/Thomas

BTSD -- Ch.6: Paradoxical Intention Therapy - Espie

BTSD -- Ch.7: Behavioral Experiments - Harvey/Talbot

BTSD -- Ch.8: Intervention to Reduce Unhelpful Beliefs About Sleep - Harvey/Eldelman

BTSD -- Ch.9: Intervention to Reduce Misperception - Harvey/Talbot

BTSD -- Ch.10: Intervention to Reduce Use of Safety Behaviors - Harvey/Eldelman

BTSD -- Ch.11: Cognitive Therapy to Reduce Dysfunctional Beliefs about Sleep and Insomnia - Morin/Belanger

BTSD -- Ch.12: Cognitive Restructuring: Cognitive Therapy for Catastrophic Sleep Beliefs - Perlis

BTSD -- Ch.13: Intensive Sleep Retraining: Conditioning Treatment for Primary Insomnia - Harris

BTSD -- Ch.14: Mindfulness-Based Therapy for Insomnia - Ong

BTSD -- Ch.15: Brief Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia - Germaine/Buysse

BTSD -- Ch.16: Using Bright Light and Melatonin to Reduce Jet Lag - Burgess

BTSD -- Ch.17: Using Bright Light and Melatonin to Adjust to Night Work - Burgess

BTSD -- Ch. e39: The Use of Bright Light in the Treatment of Insomnia - Lack/Wright

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