Impactful Recruitment


Dear Colleagues,

We continue to add incredible talent to our scientific community with a steady pace of faculty recruitment across our basic science and clinical departments.  In particular, we have focused efforts and resources in identifying and recruiting new faculty of outstanding qualifications who contribute to the diversity and inclusiveness of Penn Medicine.

As part of the Action for Cultural Transformation platform, we initiated POWER: Penn Opportunity to Widen Empowerment and Recruitment.  With gratitude to Mary Mullins, PhD, and Raina Merchant, MD, MSHP, who led the search committees (membership listed below) for the Basic Sciences and Health Equity searches, respectively, we have now filled five out of our six slots.  An impressive 570 applications were received, with over 30 interviews conducted. 

In addition, CPUP created five new Presidential Professorships (one position already filled), and we are thankful for the leadership of the clinical department chairs and the ad-hoc Presidential Professorship Committee for their assistance with the search process.

We are delighted to welcome the following Presidential Professors, all of whom are deeply committed to research, education, mentorship, diversity, equity, and inclusion:


To learn more about our newest Presidential Professors, who join a growing list of University Presidential Professorships held by our exceptional PSOM faculty, please visit the link here.

Iā€™d like to extend my gratitude to everyone involved in these important efforts, in particular our search committees and those who nominated and supported these fantastic candidates. 

All my best,




Jon Epstein, MD