Updated NIH guidance for new Biosketch and Other Support forms


In follow-up to an earlier message about changes to NIH Biosketch and Other Support form requirements, yesterday afternoon NIH issued further clarification and updated FAQs. 

The information is summarized as follows:

  • Use of the new Biosketch and Other Support forms is not mandatory until January 25, 2022, but is encouraged beginning May 25.
  • PI/PD and Key Personnel must provide ALL of the indicated information, including in kind support regardless of the format used.
  • The upload of agreements/contracts to the individual PI/PD or Key Personnel with foreign entities is required beginning May 25.

Please work with the Office of Research Service (contact Missy Peloso) if you are uncertain on whether an outside agreement with a foreign entity needs to be reported as other support. 

Thank you.

Jon Epstein, MD | EVD/CSO


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