How to apply for the Advanced Research Training for Genetic Counselors Certificate Program

Interested applicants will complete a brief online form which can be found at

For enrollment in fall 2024, we are accepting applications now, with a deadline of March 31st. Decisions will be announced in mid-April. 

Applicants must upload required materials, which are listed here, to their applications through the admissions portal. For step-by-step instructions, click here.

  • a completed application form with basic demographic information
  • a current CV
  • a copy of an active genetic counseling license, documentation of current ABGC certification, or a final, unofficial final transcript from an accredited genetic counseling program
  • a letter from current supervisor or department head acknowledging the 50% reduction in availability during the enrollment year and the 50% compensation for salary support during that time from the Warren Alpert Foundation funded Career Ladder Education for Genetic Counselors grant.
  • a brief (300-500 words) personal statement explaining interest in the ART-GC certificate program and advanced research.  The statement should respond to the following prompt:

Please briefly explain your interest in the Advanced Research Training Certificate Program and how you expect this certificate program will enhance your research career. For example, you can share topics of interest or gaps in your past training that you would like to see addressed. Also, briefly describe a research topic you plan on focusing on for the program.