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Masters Program in Genetic Counseling

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University of Pennsylvania

Master of Science in Genetic Counseling

The University of Pennsylvania MSGC program provides a comprehensive educational environment for future genetic counselors that balances the importance of patient-focused care, scientific knowledge, research, and innovative technology. With an outstanding faculty and access to clinical opportunities at some of the nation's premier healthcare facilities, we prepare students to be successful genetic counseling professionals in the rapidly evolving field of genetics.

The University of Pennsylvania Master of Science in Genetic Counseling program, formerly based at Arcadia University where it was established in 1995, transferred sponsorship, faculty, and curriculum to the University of Pennsylvania in 2019. The Accreditation Council for Genetic Counseling (ACGC) approved the transfer of accreditation from Arcadia University to the University of Pennsylvania, and the program is fully accredited through 2024. The program meets the requirements of the ACGC for curriculum content, clinical experience, and overall program design. Graduates of the program are qualified to sit for the certification examination offered by the ABGC and to apply for state licensure.

Consistently ranked among the best in the nation for training in primary care, specialties and research, the University of Pennsylvania's Perelman School of Medicine is uniquely positioned to offer an outstanding program to train future genetic counseling academic leaders and scholars in genomic medicine. For the past 24 years, Penn faculty have been actively engaged in educating genetic counseling students through their close partnership with Arcadia University’s Master of Science in Genetic Counseling Program. Penn Medicine and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia have been the primary clinical sites for this program, and genetic counselors at Penn and CHOP have been teaching students, providing clinical and laboratory supervision and mentoring thesis projects throughout this time. The transfer of sponsorship from Arcadia University to UPenn formalizes this partnership, pairing the experience and stability of an established program with the resources and expertise of an internationally renowned medical and academic center.  The collective expertise and reputation of the faculty who are enthusiastically committed to this program provide opportunities for innovation of the curriculum and integration across many disciplines on the Penn campus.


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