Mauck Laboratory

Boao Xia

Master's Student in Bioengineering

University of Pennsylvania


Shanghai, China


B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2017
Minor in Industrial Design

Areas of Special Interest

Fibrocartilage tissue engineering, mechanobiology, lab automation. When I'm not in lab, I enjoy playing the piano four-hand, sketching with colored pencils, watching anime, cooking and exploring local restaurants.


Albert Cheng, Laxminarayanan Krishnan, Lisa Tran, Hazel Y. Stevens, Boao Xia, Nari Lee, Joseph K. Williams, Greg Gibson, Robert E. Guldberg, "The Effects of Age and Dose on Gene Expression and Segmental Bone Defect Repair After BMP‐2 Delivery", JBMR Plus, 2018.

Conference Abstracts and Presentations.

Rohan Katoch, Boao Xia, Yoshinori Yamakawa, Jun Ueda, Hiroshi Honda, "Design and Analysis of a Symmetric Articulated Single-Port Laparoscopic Surgical Device", Design of Medical Devices Conference, 2017.

Eric Rabinowitz, Boao Xia, Scott Wise, Enrique Saurez, Richard Li, Thad Starner, "DigiWrite - A Wearable Approach to Digitizing Freeform Handwriting", Georgia Tech Undergraduate Research Spring Symposium, 2016.

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