Schipani Lab

Elena Sabini, M.D.

Post Doc

Elena Sabini, M.D., earned her M.D at University of Pisa, Italy. She then completed her residency in Endocrinology, receiving her Board certification also at the University of Pisa. In 2017, Elena joined the laboratory of Dr. Caturegli in the Department of Pathology, Immunology Division at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore as a post-doctoral fellow.

While at Johns Hopkins, Elena was interested in endocrine diseases that have an autoimmune pathogenesis. She studied the role of an immune checkpoint, CTLA-4, in the pituitary gland as it relates to the development, diagnosis, and possible treatment of pituitary adenomas. Another field of interest was the aging process where she studied the role of a novel immunomodulator compound, MyMD-1, in old mice focusing on lifespan, healthspan and frailty.

During her fellowship, she developed an interest in cell energy metabolism and therefore decided to focus her research career in this field. Elena has just joined the Schipani Lab with the aim of studying cell metabolism using chondrocytes from the fetal growth plate as a study model.

While not in the Lab, Elena is an avid outdoor person with true passion for all sports especially running, biking, and swimming.

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