Mauck Laboratory

Kamiel Saleh

Kamiel Saleh

Research Engineer
University of Pennsylvania


Merion Station, PA


B.S., Bioengineering, University of Pittsburgh 2017


An Exploratory Study into the Preparation and Evaluation of a “Same Day” Adipose Stem Cell-Based TEVG. Haskett DG, Saleh KS, Lorentz KL, Josowitz A, Luketich SK, Weinbaum JS, Kokai LE, D’Amore A Marra KG, Rubin JP, Wagner WR, Vorp DA. JTCVS 2018.

Expansion of mesenchymal stem cells on electrospun scaffolds maintains stemness, mechano-responsivity, and differentiation potential. Heo SJ, Szcesny SE, Kim DH, Saleh KS, Mauck RL. J Orthop Res. 2017.

The Implications of CRISPR-Cas-9 Genome Editing for Interventional Radiology. Perkons NR, Sheth R, Ackerman D, Chen J, Saleh K, Hunt S, Nadolski G, Shi J, Gade TP. JVIR 2018.

Conference Abstracts and Presentations

Towards Elimination of the In Vitro Dynamic Culture Period of SVF Cell-Seeded TEVGs. Saleh K, Haskett DG, Kokai L, Weinbaum J, D’Amore A, Wagner W, Rubin JP, Vorp DA. BMES 2016, Minneapolis.

Cell contractility established by RhoA/Rock and TGFβ/BMP signaling mediates load induced chromatin condensation, SJ Heo, S. Szczesny, B. Cosgrove, K. Saleh, R. Duncan, R. Mauck. ORS 2016.

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