Mauck Laboratory

Sung Yeon Kim


Graduate Student in Bioengineering
University of Pennsylvania


Bandung, Indonesia


B.S. Biomedical Engineering, 2020, Boston University

B.S. Mechanical Engineering, 2020, Boston University

Areas of Special Interest

Sung Yeon is interested in understanding the interrelationships between nuclear architecture, gene expression, and mechanobiological/biophysical inputs to cells. Outside the lab, Sung Yeon enjoys dog-watching, bird-watching, quilting, baking, and attempting to cook. 

Conference Abstracts and Presentations

  1. Wang, TB, Kim SY, Murphy-Ullrich, J, Albro, MB. A Novel Autoinduction Assay for Quantifying Exogenous TGF-Beta Activity in Engineered Tissues. Orthopaedic Research Society Annual Meeting, poster presentation. February 2-5, 2019. Austin, TX.
  2. Kim SY, Mosscrop MK, Murphy-Ullrich, J, Albro, MB. Novel Quantification of Mechanical Load Induced Latent TGF-Beta Activation in Articular Cartilage. Summer Biomechanics, Bioengineering, and Biotransport Conference (SB3C) 2020, Virtual Meeting, June 17-19, 2020
  3. Wang, TB, Dai, ZH, Kim SY, Albro, MB. Localized Delivery of Physiologic TGF-beta Doses Improves Cell Morphology in Functional Engineered Cartilage. Orthopaedic Research Society Annual Meeting, poster presentation, Virtual Meeting, February 13-16, 2021


  1. Adam M. Miller Award (Boston University)
  2. Earle and Mildred Bailey Memorial Award (Boston University)
  3. Provost's Scholars Award (Boston University)
  4. Kenneth R. Lutchen Distinguished Research Fellowship (Boston University)
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