Mauck Laboratory

Tonia Tsinman

Graduate Student in Bioengineering
University of Pennsylvania


Chelmsford, MA


B.S. Bioengineering, 2013, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Areas of Special Interest

Tonia's research interests include native and pathologic tissue heterogeneity, its effects on the local mechanics of tissues, and the development of ways to mimic these heterogeneities in tissue engineered constructs . Outside of the lab, she likes exploring Philly, taking dance classes, reading, hiking, and cocktail making.


K. McKinley, N. Sekulic, L. Guo, T. Tsinman, B. Black, I. Cheeseman*, "CENP-L-N Forms an Integrated Meshwork of Interactions at the Centromere-Kinetochore Interface" Molecular Cell, 2015.

H. Tekin, T. Tsinman, J. G. Sanchez, B. J. Jones, G. C. Unal, J. W. Nichol, R. Langer*, A. Khademhosseini*, "Responsive Micromolds for Sequential Patterning of Hydrogel Microstructures." Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2011.

H. Tekin, J. Sanchez, T. Tsinman, R. Langer, A. Khademhosseini*, "Thermoresponsive platforms for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine." American Chemical Society Journal, 2011.

H. Tekin, G. Ince, T. Tsinman, K. Gleason, R. Langer, A. Khademhosseini*, D. Demirci*, "Responsive microgrooves for the formation of harvestable tissue constructs." Langmuir, 2011.

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