Biomechanics Core Rates

Mechanical Testing Services

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Michael Hast, Ph.D.

Biomechanics Core User Rates (Effective April 1, 2024)

Performed by Biomechanics Core Do-it-yourself Notes
Mechanical Testing $75/hr $20/hr  
Data Analysis $60/hr $5/hr  
Machining $65/hr $10/hr User provides all materials
Dissection $65/hr $10/hr  
Microscopy $60/hr $10/hr  
Nanoindentation $125/hr N/A  
Hands-on Training $75/hr N/A One-time training charge for all new users
3-D Printing N/A $5/hr Hourly machining rates apply for CAD services


These prices reflect expenses incurred by the Core in the execution of each of the above tasks and / or costs for equipment upkeep (do-it-yourself) and research staff time (for work done by the PCMD).

Mechanical testing expenses include regular maintenance and calibration, software and hardware upgrades, and disposables. Data analysis costs cover hardware (workstation) and software upgrades and licenses. Machining expenses include costs for equipment calibration, sharpening, and disposables. Dissection room costs include primarily disposables, but also equipment sharpening and replacement. Nanoindentation and microscopy fees cover yearly service and upkeep costs (cleaning, recalibration, tip and bulb replacement).