Histology Core Getting Started

Become a PCMD Member

Your Principal Investigator must become a PCMD member before you can use our core. View instructions for joining.

Schedule a Preliminary Consultation

If you are using the core for the first time or for a new application, please schedule a meeting with one of the core co-directors and the technical director to discuss the scope of your project and specific needs. Contact details can be found on the histology core homepage.

Make Use of Our New Protocol Development Service

An extensive, free protocol development service is available to all PCMD members. The core directors and technical director will work with lab representatives to optimize histological techniques including processing, sectioning, and staining for new tissue types and applications.

Support for New Grant Applications

We will enthusiastically support new grant applications that propose use of histology core services. To request a letter of support, please contact the core co-directors and provide the project title, a brief description of the project and core services you propose to use. We can also review your proposal to optimize the histological techniques you are proposing and advise on scientific rigor.

Acknowledging the Histology Core in Publications

For publications that describe work that benefited from the Histology Core, please include a statement similar to:

“This study was supported by the Penn Center for Musculoskeletal Disorders Histology Core (P30 AR069619)”.