Getting Started

Step 1: The PI of the laboratory should become a member of the Penn Center for Musculoskeletal Disorders.

Step 2: New users should attend the required online Cabinet X-Ray Training, and forward the confirmation email to
(Note 1: Select "4. X-Ray Training", and then select "Cabinet X-ray Units" for online training.)
Cabinet X-ray Units
(Note 2: If you cannot find your name in the trainee search, you may use the following info for EHRS training registration.)

Step 3: New users should fill out this Google Form for registration.

Step 4: User can review the MicroCT Core Online Training slides, and take the Online Quiz. User can try unlimited times, but all questions (26/26) must be answered correctly to pass this quiz.

Step 5: Once user passes the quiz (gets full score), forward the confirmation email to