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Full Service Histology

Full service projects are undertaken for PCMD members by the core technical director. The scope of full service projects may include processing, embedding, sectioning, staining and imaging. Typical turnaround times for full service projects are shown below. Accelerated turnaround is available for users requiring urgent data for a grant or manuscript submission.

Service Approximate Turnaround
Paraffin processing and embedding 1 week
Paraffin sectioning 2 weeks
Plastic processing and embedding 4-6 weeks
Plastic sectioning 2-5 weeks
Frozen embedding and sectioning 2 weeks
Routine histochemical staining 2 weeks
Imaging/slide scanning 1 week
Histomorphometry 2 weeks
Immunohistochemistry 4 weeks

To request a full service project, users should download and complete the following form:

The completed form should be emailed to Dr Arroyo. All projects require sign off by the principal investigator. A brief description of the project should be included. For new projects, an initial consultation should be scheduled. Please DO NOT drop off samples with no name or paperwork as this will only delay the process.

Sample Mailing Address for Affiliate PCMD Members

McKay Orthopaedic Research Laboratory

Perelman School of Medicine

University of Pennsylvania

371 Stemmler Hall

3450 Hamilton Walk

Philadelphia, PA, 19104

Attn: Edgardo Arroyo

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