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Learning Lunches

The Histology Core regularly holds interactive Learning Lunches to update users on the latest tools and techniques for musculoskeletal histology. Boxed lunches are provided. Recent topics are listed below (click to access slides). Each Learning Lunch begins with an overview of core services from the co-directors.

  • Cryofilm in Orthopaedic Research
    • Presented by Dr Nathaniel Dyment, Assistant Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery at UPenn, this talk outlines the principles and protocols for cutting calcified cryosections using the Kawamoto film technique.
  • Optimizing Immunohistochemistry for Challenging Tissues
    • Presented by Dr Zhirui Jiang, Postdoctoral Fellow in the Smith Lab, this talk discusses key steps for optimal immunohistochemistry of musculoskeletal tissues, including antigen retrieval, blocking, antibody selection and optimization, selection of controls and troubleshooting.
  • Introduction to Whole Mount Imaging
    • Presented by Dr Leilei Zhong, Postdoctoral Fellow in the Qin Lab, this talk outlines techniques the principles and techniques for whole mount staining and imaging of musculoskeletal tissues.
  • Introduction to Histomorphometry
    • Presented by core co-director Dr Qin, this talk outlines the principles of histomorphometric analysis of bone tissue, and a discussion of the different experimental and analytical techniques available.
  • Advanced In Situ RNA Analysis for Musculoskeletal Tissues
    • Presented by Dr. Eiki Koyama, Associate Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery at CHOP, this talk outlines techniques for in situ RNA analysis for bone and cartilage, including FISH and RNAScope.
  • Tips and Tricks for Top Quality Musculoskeletal Histology
    • Presented by core co-director Dr Smith, this talk provides expert tips for each step of the musculoskeletal histology work flow, including fixation, decalcification, processing and sectioning.
  • Advanced Histology for Spatial Omics
    • Presented by Dr. Mei Zhang, Technical Director at the Center for Single Cell Biology at CHOP, this talk outlines new technologies and tissue preparation workflows for spatial transcriptomics and proteomics analyses of musculoskeletal tissues
  • Overview of light microscopy modalities at the CDB Microscopy Core
    • Presented by Dr. Andrea Stout, Director of the Penn CDB Microscopy Core Facility, this talk outlines strategies for selecting optimal microscopy techniques for different musculoskeletal histology applications.

Users are encouraged to submit ideas for topics to the core directors.


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