Stanley Adoro, PhD

Principal Investigator
Department of Pathology, School of Medicine
Case Western Reserve University


BSc Biochemistry and MSc Cellular Parasitology, University of Ibadan, Nigeria

PhD Immunology, University of Pennsylvania, 2009 (Mentor: Dr. Alfred Singer, NCI)


Stanley established that the genetic loci encoding CD4 and CD8 co-receptor proteins dictated T-cell lineage fate during T cell development in the thymus.

Publications From Graduate Work

  • Adoro S, Park JH and Singer A. Coreceptor gene imprinting”: a genetic solution to a developmental dilemma in T cells. Cell Cycle 11:833-834. 2012.
  • Adoro S, McCaughtry T, Erman B, Alag A, Van Laethem F, Park JH, Tai X, Kimura M, Wang L, Grinberg A, Kubo M, Bosselut R, Love P and Singer A. Coreceptor gene imprinting governs thymocyte lineage fate. EMBO Journal 31:366-377. 2012.
  • Park JH, Adoro S, Guinter T, Erman B, Alag AS, Catalfamo M, Kimura MY, Cui Y, Lucas PJ, Gress RE, Kubo M, Hennighausen L, Feigenbaum L and Singer A. Signaling by intrathymic cytokines, not T cell antigen receptors, specifies CD8 lineage choice and promotes the differentiation of cytotoxic lineage T cells. Nature Immunology 11:257-264. 2010.
  • Singer A, Adoro S and Park JH. Lineage fate and intense debate: myths, models and mechanisms of CD4/CD8 lineage choice. Nature Reviews Immunology 8:788-801. 2008.
  • Adoro S, Erman B, Sarafova S, Van Laethem F, Park JH, Feigenbaum L and Singer A. Targeting CD4 coreceptor expression to post-selection thymocytes reveals that CD4/CD8 lineage choice is neither error-prone nor stochastic. Journal of Immunology 181:6975-6983. 2008.
  • Park JH, Adoro S, Lucas PJ, Sarafova SD, Alag SA, Doan LL, Erman B, Liu X, Ellmeier W, Bosselut R, Feigenbaum L and Singer A. Coreceptor tuning’: cytokine signals transcriptionally tailor CD8 coreceptor expression in CD8 T cells to the self-specificity of their TCR. Nature Immunology 8:1049-1059. 2007.
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