Francesca Engel, MD

Francesca EngelThe fourth year gives you time to explore!  You can focus and deepen your learning in one area or broaden your scope.  Penn has so many options for learning that it is difficult to choose.  I have three ½ days of clinic with experts in the field (ADHD, Bipolar, Addiction).  I have also fulfilled some program requirements in ECT and TMS — both important treatment options for patients.  I have chosen as well to take on more psychotherapy practice in areas like ACT, CBT for ADHD, and group psychotherapy.  The call schedule is all outpatient so my evenings are spent reading and preparing case notes or spending time enjoying Philadelphia!  I have a lot of autonomy to schedule, supervision, meet with mentors and potential employers, as well as participating in extracurricular psychotherapy electives.  In addition, I have taken on an administrative role as resident lead of our mentorship advisory program.  Fourth year is that time to do everything you wanted to do as a psychiatrist and get a taste of your professional future!

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