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PE Consultation Procedures

PE Therapist Certification Process

After completing the 4 day Intensive Workshop in Prolonged Exposure Therapy, therapists can receive one-on-one consultation for 2 PE therapy cases. The cases should be completed in a linear fashion (i.e. completing the first case before starting the second), although some overlap is acceptable if the consultant and therapist deem appropriate.

The one-on-one consultation includes:

  • Up to three 30-minute pre-PE consultation session via telephone or Skype for each PE case in order to determine appropriateness for treatment and prepare for session 1.
  • Consultant review of video recording for each PE session prior to the next session.

(Note that this will require the therapist to videotape each session in its entirety and get it to the consultant in a timely fashion. We have found that the use of electronic media sharing sites, such as Dropbox, are most helpful in expediting review of sessions, but use of UPS or FedEx overnight services are acceptable.)

  • Thirty minute individual consultation sessions via telephone or Skype for each PE session prior to the next session, in which the consultant’s review of the session is discussed, therapist questions are answered, and the therapist is prepared for the next session.

(The number of sessions required for each particular patient will vary, but it is estimated that treatment will take approximately 10-15 sessions.)

  • Upon successful completion of 2 full PE cases, the consultant will recommend the therapist for certification as a PE therapist. Once the consultant recommends the therapist for certification, the CTSA will issue a certificate of “PE Therapist”, signed by Dr. Foa.


Note that “successful completion” of cases is at the discretion of the consultant. At times, a third PE case may be recommended in order to ensure mastery of skills. In general, full cases are considered to consist of at least 7 sessions with the same patient, in which the session protocols are followed, even if a patient terminates treatment prematurely. It is preferable, however, to have 2 cases in which treatment is mutually terminated and a final session is conducted.

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