PE Workshop and Certification Bundle

Beginning in January, 2025...Save when you bundle your registrations!

PE Therapist Certification Bundle

Register for both an Intensive Workshop in Prolonged Exposure Therapy for PTSD and Consultation leading to certification as a PE Therapist and SAVE $1,000 on your workshop registration!

Certification in Prolonged Exposure Therapy (PE) ensures mastery and competence in applying and customizing PE for your clients. You will receive one-on-one feedback on each PE session from an expert certified PE consultant, which will allow you to deepen your understanding of PE and how it applies to your practice. 

Certification includes consultation on two cases of PE. The full procedure is detailed below. 

Certification is limited to licensed therapists or therapists under supervision of a licensed professional* who have completed a CTSA-sponsored 4-day Intensive Workshop in PE. 

  • If you completed a CTSA-sponsored PE workshop elsewhere, submit your certificate of completion to Only those who have completed a CTSA-sponsored PE workshop will be approved to enroll in certification.

*Therapists under supervision of another licensed professional must continue to receive direct supervision from another licensed professional. PE consultation is considered additional, expert consultation. Your direct supervisor must approve of your participation in the PE certification procedures prior to your enrollment and be willing to continue to provide direct supervision.

Please read these instructions and expectations for participation carefully and thoroughly prior to enrolling. The CTSA will not issue any refunds for failure to understand or comply with these processes. 

PE Certification Procedure: 

To achieve PE Therapist Certification, participants agree to:

  • Complete a minimum of two (2) completed PE cases, composed of a minimum of eight (8) sessions per case, with one-to-one consultation. The second case may begin after completion of the first although some overlap is acceptable if the PE consultant and therapist deem appropriate. In rare cases, when more than 24 PE consultation sessions are required for certification as a PE therapist, further consultation sessions may be procured. These services will be rendered at $250 per hour.
  • The PE Consultant will recommend the therapist for certification as a Certified PE Therapist upon successful completion of two (2) cases of PE (Note that “successful completion” of a case is at the discretion of the consultant and requires a minimum of eight (8) sessions of PE. At times, a third PE case may be recommended to ensure mastery of skills.).
  • Complete pre-PE consultation Calls for each proposed client. Identify client(s) with PTSD you believe are candidates for PE. Pre-PE consultation includes discussion of symptoms and appropriateness of the client(s) for PE and for being a training case, how to prepare for the first PE sessions, and discussing the procedures of video- and audiotaping. 
  • All PE sessions must be video AND audio recorded. Video sessions are reviewed by the PE consultant; audio recordings of sessions are created as part of PE treatment for the client’s use. The therapist must obtain signed informed consent from the client to video record according to their agency or private practice policy. The PE consultant will review video recordings of sessions for each case prior to the next session. 
  • The PE consultant must approve the appropriateness of a patient for PE consultation before the therapist starts PE with a patient.
  • Complete one-on-one PE consultation by telephone/Zoom before beginning the next session. The PE Consultant will review your PE session video. PE consultation includes review of the session, feedback from the PE Consultant, time for questions, and preparation for the next session. 

Benefits of PE Certification:

  • Receive a “PE Therapist” certificate signed by Edna Foa, Ph.D., the developer of PE therapy
  • Competence and mastery of conducting PE therapy and the ability to respond more effectively to nuance of the therapeutic process
  • Weekly feedback on the application of the PE protocol intended to increase your confidence and successful treatment for clients with all types of trauma 
  • Expert consultation on problems that may arise during therapy with under engagement, over engagement, etc.
  • Experience first-hand the nuances of PE, and how to customize the treatment to your specific client

Cost of registering individually:

$1,500 USD Intensive Workshop in Prolonged Exposure Therapy for PTSD
$6,000 USD Consultation leading to certification as a PE Therapist
$7,500 USD

Bundle cost:

$500 USD Intensive Workshop in Prolonged Exposure Therapy for PTSD
$6,000 USD Consultation leading to certification as a PE Therapist
$6,500 USD


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