Fees and Payment Information


Before entering a treatment program at the Center, patients first complete a phone screening interview with one of our intake coordinators. If appropriate, patients then schedule and complete an extensive psychological evaluation with a clinician. This evaluation is approximately 90-minutes long and is essential to determine appropriateness and fit of our treatment programs to your specific needs. There is a standard fee for this initial evaluation, based on the credentials of the clinician. When scheduling the initial evaluation, we will do our best to accommodate your preference for level of clinician and best days/times for the appointment.

After the evaluation, the clinician will determine if treatment at the CTSA is appropriate for you and will determine the appropriate level of clinician and length/frequency of sessions in order to provide the best care possible. The fee per session is determined by these individual factors (see above). There is typically a wait between the initial evaluation and matching you with one of our clinicians. For more information about the Center's fees and wait times, please call us at 215-746-3327.  

The CTSA has three levels of clinicians:

  • Advanced Doctoral Students in their 3rd or 4th year of a doctoral clinical psychology program and working 2 days per week for one year (from July to June) under the supervision of a licensed psychologist at the CTSA
    • Evaluation: $100
    • 90-minute session: $100
    • 50-minute session: $50
  • Post-doctoral Psychologists in their 1st or 2nd year of practice after receiving their doctoral degree in psychology and working under the supervision of a licensed psychologist at the CTSA
    • Evaluation: $400
    • 90-minute session: $350
    • 50-minute session: $175
  • Licensed Psychologists with anywhere from 3 to 20+ years of clinical experience as a psychologist and licensed in the state of Pennsylvania
    • Evaluation: $600
    • 90-minute session: $500
    • 50-minute session: $250

* Please note that session length is determined by a number of clinical factors and recommendations for session length will be made after your evaluation. *

Payment Policies

Payments for the initial evaluation and any treatment sessions are due at the time services are rendered. If an unpaid balance for two sessions is accrued, we are unable to schedule another session until the balance is resolved. Additionally, if an initial evaluation or treatment session is missed or canceled with less than 48 hours notice, you will be charged the session fee. These are policies of the Perelman School of Medicine that we are bound to uphold. 

Insurance Information

CTSA Acceptable Insurances: 

  1. Insurances offered through Penn Care PPO for University of Pennsylvania Health System employees
  2. All Aetna insurance plans, including for University of Pennsylvania employees and post docs

We are not participating providers for any other insurance plans (including Medicare or Medicaid).

Many of our patients therefore pay for treatment out of pocket. Because the CTSA is an out-of-network provider for all other insurance plans, it is the patient's responsibility to get information from their insurance company about the possibility of reimbursement, the rate of reimbursement, and to submit claims on their own behalf for reimbursement. Please note that reimbursement is often only available through insurance companies for licensed psychologists.

Once you complete an initial evaluation or are receiving treatment here, we are also happy to provide you with After Visit Summaries at the conclusion of each visit, which contain the clinician's name, license and NPI numbers, diagnosis, level of service, and CPT codes required for claim submission.

If your insurance will not cover any of the fees or if you are uninsured, low cost treatment options are available with our advanced doctoral student clinicians. Assessment and treatment is often free or reduced cost if you are eligible to participate in any of our treatment research programs as well.

Worker's Compensation Benefits

The CTSA accepts payments from Worker's Compensation benefits on a case by case basis.

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