PE Group Consultations via Zoom

Sign up for 12 Weekly 90-minute Group Consultations

          (first group will be April 25, 2022 / last group will be July 18, 2022)

Join a group of other PE clinicians to present PTSD cases and receive expert feedback, consultation, and support from a PE expert!

What is Group PE Consultation?

Group PE Consultation consists of 12 weekly 90-minute Zoom meetings with up to 10 clinicians who are seeking case consultation on PE cases. Participants will present information about PTSD cases and appropriateness for PE as well as present individual PE cases through case discussion or (better yet!) video review of PE sessions.

Who may attend?

Group PE consultation is open to licensed clinicians who have completed the Intensive Workshop in PE with a certified PE trainer. Unlicensed individuals are also able to participate as long as they are practicing under a supervisor’s license. Participants may be beginners or more advanced practitioners of PE. Anyone who has completed the workshop and is interested in receiving feedback, consultation, and support from a PE expert is welcome!

Participants must have at least 2 potential PTSD cases that are likely to be appropriate for PE and have agreed to be videotaped for consultation purposes prior to beginning group consultation.

When will Group PE Consultation take place?

Mondays from 1pm — 2:30pm EST.

Twelve group sessions are included in this package. Dates of group consultation include:

April 25, 2022                        May 23, 2022                   June 20, 2022

May 2, 2022                           May 30, 2022                   June 27, 2022

May 9, 2022                           June 6, 2022                     July 11, 2022

May 16, 2022                         June 13, 2022                   July 18, 2022

Who will facilitate Group PE Consultation?

Dr. Sandy Capaldi will facilitate this group. Once the group reaches capacity, we will maintain a waitlist for our next group and other days/times and facilitators may become available.

How much will Group PE Consultation cost?

$600 USD per person for 12 consultation groups

Tips for getting the most out of the group consultation experience

Group consultation is only as good as the cases that are being presented. So finding a PTSD case that is appropriate for PE is of paramount importance. We suggest that you begin thinking about potential PE cases as soon as you register for group consultation and that you plan to assess for PTSD symptoms and introduce the idea of PE to those individuals in the week or so before the first consultation group. Here you will find some guidelines for selection of training cases for PE.

You should also discuss and get permission to record sessions and to share it in the group consultation. You can find a sample authorization form here that you may modify to fit your needs. If you use this form, sections highlighted in yellow should be edited to reflect your particular circumstances.

If you are unsure about the fit for PE for an individual, we can discuss any questions, concerns, or reservations you may have about your potential PE case in the first consultation group. It is therefore generally expected that everyone will have at least one or two individuals to present to the group as potential PE candidates.

Instructions for Registration

Registrations are due one week in advance and must be completed in full. 

To register, complete the online registration.

If you need to withdraw your application for any reason, please email Dr. Sandy Capaldi. Note that workshop fees are non-refundable after the application due date (one week before the start of the workshop). 



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