PE Trainer Workshop

November 16-18, 2020


Requirements for PE Trainer Workshop attendance:

  • Completion of certified PE supervisor requirements
  • Completion of at least 15 full PE cases

Requirements for PE Trainer certification:

In addition to the above, after completing the 3-day PE Trainer’s Workshop conducted by the CTSA, potential PE trainers must observe two Intensive Workshops in Prolonged Exposure Therapy conducted by certified PE trainers (it is preferred to observe the first prior to completing the PE Trainer Workshop and to observe the second after completing the PE Trainer Workshop). Agreement with and signing of a non-competition contract is also required.

Dates:       Monday, November 16, 2020 – Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Times:       9:00am to 5:00pm EST

Cost:          $3,000.00 USD per person. This fee covers the cost of workshop and supporting materials, which will include the unpublished PE Trainer Manual

Workshop Location: Webinar (you will be sent an invitation with instructions prior to the workshop)

Workshop Description: You will receive intensive instruction in teaching Prolonged Exposure Therapy for survivors of trauma, covering the basics of all components of PE and how to modify PE procedures in order to tailor the treatment to the client’s response to exposure. Maintaining focus on treatment of PTSD while maintaining flexibility in following the manual will be emphasized. Lecture, discussion, and participant role plays with feedback from faculty trainers are used to accomplish the goals of the workshop.

Webinar workshop requirements:

  • You must have utilities, internet service, phone service, and an appropriately private location at your home or office in order to ensure HIPAA compliance.
    • The private location should be free of noise and distractions. (If you are the parent of young children, appropriate child care arrangements must be in place.)
  • You must agree to attend each hour of the video conference and agree to use video of yourself during the video conference in order to track attendance.
  • You must agree not to copy or distribute workshop materials provided to you in the course of the workshop.
  • Since authentic patient videos are utilized during the training, you must agree to abide by all applicable rules of confidentiality and HIPAA compliance, including but not limited to no audio or video-recording of the workshop in any form.

You will be asked to affirm the previous conditions and your agreement to them prior to the commencement of the workshop.


Please find workshop information and the registration form here.

Applications are due November 6, 2020Applicants will be notified of acceptance within one week of receipt of their application. Please do not make travel or other arrangements until your application is accepted.

Instructions for Submitting Application

Applications can be submitted via email (as a Microsoft Word or PDF attachment):

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