Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Treatment of GAD at the CTSA

The CTSA offers cognitive-behavioral treatment for GAD. Treatment consists of identifying the factors that maintain worry, examining and evaluating fearful or worried thoughts, learning effective coping skills, relaxation skills training, and confronting feared or avoided situations through exposure.


Before entering a treatment program at the Center, patients first complete a phone screening interview with one of our intake coordinators. If appropriate, patients then schedule and complete an extensive psychological evaluation with a clinician. Patients are interviewed at length and complete a number of specialized assessment forms to ensure an accurate diagnosis. The information gathered during this evaluation is used to determine if the person has an anxiety or stress problem and which treatment best matches the patient's needs. The results of the evaluation are discussed with the patient and treatment recommendations are offered. If the evaluation indicates that the treatment programs at the Center are appropriate for the person, then arrangements for treatment will be made following the evaluation.

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