Microscale Thermophoresis

MST is a immobilization free, in-solution measurements that monitors the movement of fluorescently labelled particles along a microscopic temperature gradient in solution.  Changes in the hydration shell of the molecule change the movement of the particle along the gradient.  This information can be fit with binding isotherms to derive kinetic constants. The measurements are relatively fast, with optimized methods providing Kd in ~10 min. A wide range of Kds can also be approached (from pM/nM to mM). The use of cappilaries results in low sample consumption (<10 uL per concentration).  Measurements can be performing in complex mixtures, including cell lysates, serum, detergents, and liposomes.

  • Nanotemper Microscale Thermophoresis (MST) Monolith NT.115Pico is equipped with one Pico detector with highly optimized fluorescence channel.  The instrument is operated by a dedicated computer for data collection and analysis.

Nanotemper MST Consumables

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