Who we are

The PCGI consists of basic science investigators that would otherwise not frequently interact to promote the development of multi-investigator grants, shared resources, and translation of basic science into the clinic.


  • Roger Greenberg, MD, PhD

    Roger Greenberg, MD, PhD

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  • Ben Black, PhD

    Ben Black, PhD

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  • Matthew Weitzman, PhD

    Matthew Weitzman, PhD

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  • Dennis E. Discher, PhD

    Dennis E. Discher, PhD

    Robert D. Bent Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
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  • Michael Lampson, PhD

    Michael Lampson, PhD

    Professor of Biology
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  • Mia Levine, PhD

    Mia Levine, PhD

    Assistant Professor of Biology
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  • Sunny Shin, PhD

    Sunny Shin, PhD

    Associate Professor of Microbiology
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  • Wei Tong, PhD

    Wei Tong, PhD

    Professor of Pediatrics
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