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Cognitive Therapy

A.T. Beck A.T. Beck
Anxiety Disorders and Phobias: A Cognitive Perspective
In Part I, Dr. Beck outlines an explanatory model, demonstrating how specific nonadaptive cognitive patterns lead to the complex symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder, simple phobias, and agoraphobia. In Part II, Dr. Emery develops a program for treating these disorders based on the cognitive model.
A.T. Beck A.T. Beck
Bipolar Disorder: A Cognitive Approach
This detailed volume provides a comprehensive guide to conducting cognitive therapy for bipolar disorder. Beyond clinical tools for addressing maladaptive cognitions, the authors provide strategies for helping clients address manic and depressive symptoms, prevent suicidal behavior, communicate with family members, and accept the need for medication.
A.T. Beck A.T. Beck
Cognitive Therapy and the Emotional Disorders
The philosophical and theoretical basis of cognitive therapy is established and then applied to a wide range of specific disorders: depression, anxiety, neurosis, phobias, obsessions, compulsions, hysteria, and psychosomatic disorders.
A.T. Beck A.T. Beck
Cognitive Therapy of Depression
This volume on the cognitive treatment of depression proceeds from a clear, succinct explication of cognitive therapy to a step-by-step demonstration of cognitive techniques- from initial session to termination. A full range of patient problems is discussed, and numerous case examples illustrate scenarios and strategies.
A.T. Beck A.T. Beck
Cognitive Therapy of Personality Disorders
This work effectively brings cognitive therapy to bear on the difficult clinical problem of Personality Disorders
Beck, Newman A.T. Beck and Cory F. Newman 
Cognitive Therapy of Substance Abuse
This volume covers the cognitive theory and therapy of substance abuse, including guidelines for managing the therapeutic relationship, socializing the patient into the cognitive model, structuring the sessions for maximum effectiveness, techniques to counteract drug urges and cravings, problem-solving for acute crises as well as chronic life difficulties associated with substance abuse, special issues in treating the drug abuser who also suffers from anxiety, depression, and personality disorders, and principles of relapse prevention.
Beck, Brown, Wenzel A.T. Beck, Gregory K. Brown, and Amy Wenzel
Cognitive Therapy for Suicidal Patients: Scientific and Clinical Applications
Providing a comprehensive review of the literature on psychological factors associated with suicidal behavior, this book describes a cognitive model of suicide and cognitive intervention for suicidal individuals.
A.T. Beck A.T. Beck
Cognitive Therapy with Chronic Pain Patients
This book, which features Beck's cognitive therapy assessment and intervention strategies, discusses chronic, nonmalignant pain treatment and various approaches to pain management.
A.T. Beck and Michael E. Thase A.T. Beck and Michael E. Thase 
Cognitive Therapy with Inpatients: Developing a Cognitive Milieu
This book offers detailed instructions for developing and maintaining a variety of inpatient cognitive therapy units. It demonstrates with extensive examples and actual dialogue how one can adapt the cognitive milieu to address the needs of a wide variety of treatment settings.
A.T. Beck A.T. Beck
The Integrative Power of Cognitive Therapy
This volume presents a comprehensive statement of cognitive therapy and maps the evolution of cognitive therapy into a multidimensional approach applicable to a range of problems, including panic disorder, schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders. Analyzing the current psychotherapy integration movement, the authors offer examples from theory and clinical practice to show how cognitive therapy, by incorporating interpersonal, behavioral, and psychodynamic techniques, fulfills the aims and criteria of psychotherapy integration.
A.T. Beck A.T. Beck
Prisoners of Hate: The cognitive basis of anger, hostility and violence
In this vitally important work, Dr. Beck radically alters the way we think about destructive behavior- from domestic abuse to crime, prejudice, mass murder and war- and offers remedies.
A.T. Beck A.T. Beck
Scientific Foundations of Cognitive Theory and Therapy of Depression

This book provides a comprehensive, authoritative and critical review of the voluminous scientific research of the cognitive theory of depression that has been conducted since the initial publication of Beck’s original articles in the early 1960’s.
Judith Beck Judith Beck 
The Beck Diet Solution: Train Yourself to Think Like a Thin Person
Dr. Beck, one of the foremost authorities in the field of Cognitive Therapy, has created a four-week plan that will help people stick with their diet, lose weight with confidence, and keep weight off for a lifetime. This program is not only based on the authors personal success and on her success with her many clients, but also on published research.
Judith S Beck Judith S. Beck
Cognitive Therapy: Basics and Beyond
This text helps both beginning and advanced cognitive therapists sharpen their conceptualization skills, plan more effective treatment, expand their repertoire of techniques, and trouble-shoot difficulties. Throughout the volume, the author offers clinical examples and transcripts drawn from one patient’s treatment to illuminate the narrative and illustrate cognitive therapy in action.
Judith S Beck Judith S. Beck
Cognitive Therapy for Challenging Problems: What to Do When the Basics Don't Work
Addresses what to do when a patient is not making progress in cognitive-behavioral therapy. Provided is practical, step-by-step guidance on conceptualizing and solving frequently encountered problems, whether in developing and maintaining the therapeutic alliance or in accomplishing specific therapeutic tasks.
Martin E Franklin Martin E. Franklin 
Treating trichotillomania: Cognitive behavioral therapy for hair pulling and related problems
Designing the book for maximum usefulness, the authors share their considerable expertise in treating body-focused repetitive behavior disorders in an accessible, clinically valid reference.
Cory F Newman  bChoosing to live: How to Defeat Suicide Through Cognitive Therapy
This easy-to-read book can help suicidal people understand their suffering while they take charge of their own healing.
Michael L Perlis Michael L. Perlis
Cognitive Behavioral Treatment of Insomnia: A Session-by-Session Guide
This book, which is written as a reader-friendly guide, is intended for clinical trainees, non-insomnia sleep specialists, and for expert CBT clinicians from outside the sleep medicine field who wish to begin the process of learning to provide empirically validated CBT-I.
J Russell Ramsay J. Russell Ramsay 
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Adult ADHD: An integrative psychosocial and medical approach
The authors of this book provide an overview of symptoms, assessment and diagnosis issues for adult ADHD.
Michael E Thase Michael E. Thase
Learning Cognitive-Behavior Therapy: An Illustrated Guide
Written by expert cognitive-behavior therapists, this book is an important resource for students of medicine, psychiatry, psychology, social work, pastoral counseling, and nursing and for practitioners who wish to learn the techniques of CBT.
Amy Wenzel Amy Wenzel
Cognitive Methods And Their Applications To Clinical Research
This volume discusses the popularly used cognitive tasks in applied research, including the Stroop, Selective Attention, Implicit Memory, Directed Forgetting, and Autobiographical Memory tasks.

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