Psychiatry Clerkship

Course Description

The six week Psychiatry clerkship is offered eight times during the year.

The required psychiatry clerkship emphasizes the evaluation of common neurobiological and psychosocial disorders. Students will be active learners on the inpatient units, ambulatory clinics, and consultation-liaison services. A major goal of the clerkship is to exhibit competency in the use of the mental status exam. The ability to construct a thorough differential diagnosis and outline of a comprehensive treatment plan will be assessed of each student. Demonstrations of empathic interviews will be conducted by the faculty/house staff and students will be observed as they perform this function as well. Skills needed to recognize a psychiatric crisis and to appropriately refer will be emphasized. The student will be an integral part of the multidisciplinary team dedicated to the well being of every patient. To understand the complexities of the doctor patient relationship and the student’s role in establishment of rapport will be explored. Student’s presence and participation is required at departmental grand rounds, seminars, lectures, ethics discussions, small group cases, and student initiated reports.

For more information about the Psychiatry clerkship, contact:
Claudia Baldassano, MD
Phone: 215-668-5913

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