New Patient Welcome Letter


Welcome to the Time Efficient, Accessible, Multidisciplinary (TEAM) Clinic! We’re glad you have decided to work with us. To get started please review some key information about the clinic: 


  • Our treatment team includes medication prescribers, psychotherapists, medical assistants and case managers. You will typically meet with the entire team in your intake, however the final say in your treatment plan is up to you.  
  • Our clinic provides time-limited care, aimed at helping patients with their personal goals. As such, clients may receive care in the clinic for 4 months.  
  • Following 4 months of active care in our clinic, you can discuss transitioning to longer care if continued medication management, psychotherapy, or case management is desired.  


  • Payments, including copayments, are due at the time of service.
    • For in-person appointments, payment will be collected during the check-in process. 
    • For virtual sessions, you will receive a text message prompting you to check-in and make payment.  
  • If you do not make payment for your appointment, your appointment may be rescheduled to a date and time that is more convenient for you to be able to make payment.  
  • If you do not make payment for 2 appointments in the clinic, you will not be permitted to schedule any further appointments. Any scheduled appointments at this time will be cancelled until your balance is paid.  
  • If you incur an unpaid balance that is more than 30 days past due, you will not be permitted to schedule any further appointments. Any scheduled appointments at this time will be cancelled until your balance is paid. 
  • Payment plans are available through the University of Pennsylvania Health System. If you are in need of a payment plan, please let our staff know and they will connect you with the appropriate department.  


  • Patients must complete clinical surveys at the initial intake and then again monthly during their treatment. These surveys help your providers track your progress. Let us know if you have any trouble with technology and we’ll do our best to help! 
  • If you are not receiving these, please be sure to check your email and junk folder. You may also contact the TEAM care manager or one of your providers to ensure you are receiving your surveys.  


  • If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, you must call us at least 24 hours prior to your appointment to cancel or reschedule. To reschedule call 215-746-6701. 
  • If you miss your new patient intake without 24-hour notice, we may ask that you wait before rescheduling the intake appointment.  
  • If you miss 2 or more appointments without 24-hour notice, your case may be reviewed for discharge from the clinic.  
  • If you arrive 15+ minutes late to an appointment, we may reschedule you for a later date where we would have enough time to complete the visit. 


  • We are excited to offer telehealth appointment when possible as a convenience to our patients. Penn Medicine is compliant with state laws regarding the implementation of telehealth services. As such, please note the following policies: 
    • All of our providers are licensed in Pennsylvania and currently we are able to offer PA residents new and return appointments via telehealth.  
    • Any resident of a state other than PA (including New Jersey), must be seen in-person for their initial intake appointment.  
    • Some of our providers have an additional license in New Jersey and are able to offer follow-up appointments by telehealth. Please note, there may be a slight wait if you do not live in PA and prefer to have telehealth appointments.  
  • In addition to these regulations, please note the following TEAM clinic policies:  
    • You must be in a stable location for your telehealth appointments. This means you must be at an identifiable location. If this location is somewhere other than your home, you must let your provider know the location from which you are calling.  
    • Your telehealth session must take place from a location in the state your provider is licensed. If you are traveling and in a state your provider is not licensed to practice, you may not continue with the telehealth appointment.  
    • Telehealth appointments may not be held while the patient or provider is driving. There may be some circumstances when driving is necessary for your treatment (e.g., treating a fear of driving), however this exception must be approved with the TEAM Clinic Director.  


  • Given the time-limited scope of our services, our providers do not typically provide documentation for disability requests, legal proceedings, or school/personal accommodation requests.
  • Under no circumstances are any weapons (guns, knives etc.) of any kind permitted in our clinic. This means that even if you hold a legal permit to carry a firearm, you are not allowed to bring this with you to out clinic. If you observed to be carrying a weapon you will be kindly asked to leave the premises and/or University of Pennsylvania law enforcement may be called to ensure safety.

We look forward to working with you. Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our call center 215-746-6701.



Dr. Jeremy Tyler

TEAM Clinic Director



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