Overview of Clinical Services

The Penn Psychiatry TEAM clinic is dedicated to providing current evidence-based approaches in Psychotherapy and Medication management. Our innovative approach was designed to offer you comprehensive and high-quality outpatient mental health treatment. The following outlines what to expect over the course of your care in the TEAM clinic.

Before Your Initial Evaluation Appointment:

After scheduling an initial evaluation in our clinic, you will receive an email from our clinic 24-hours before your appointment requesting that you to complete a brief packet of online surveys. These surveys will help us understand the nature of your mental health symptoms and general quality of life. Your treatment team will review these surveys before they meet you, thus it is required that you complete these surveys prior to arriving at our clinic for your appointment. If you should have any barriers in completing these surveys, we will assist you at the time of your initial evaluation appointment in completing these brief surveys. 

During Your Initial Evaluation Appointment:

Our initial evaluation appointment is in-person at our clinic located at 3535 Market Street on the Mezzanine. After checking-in at our reception desk, your appointment will go as follows: 

  1. Meeting with our TEAM Care Manager for 15-minutes. The Care Manager will orient you the appointment structure and gather some preliminary information.
  2. Meeting with our Medical Assistant for 15-minutes to discuss your medical and mental health history.
  3. Meeting with either of our Psychiatrist or Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners for 45-minutes to discuss your primary concerns and the potential options for medication management.
  4. Meeting with one of our Licensed Therapists for 45-minutes to discuss any additional concerns and specifically discuss the potential benefits of psychotherapy. During the visit, your treatment team will discuss recommendations based on your symptoms and treatment preferences to design a plan that works best for your well-being.

During Your Treatment:

Treatment is offered over the course of 4-months, which allows us to provide accessible, efficient, and goal-focused mental health treatment. Psychotherapy sessions are typically 45-minutes offered weekly and medication management sessions are typically 30-minues offered monthly. Over the course of your treatment, you will be required to complete brief monthly self-reports assessments delivered to you by email. These take approximately 10-minutes of your time and are essential for informing your treatment team about the effectiveness of your treatment. Similar to taking your blood pressure before a medical visit, these brief surveys are necessary for informing us about your mental health symptoms while receiving treatment in our clinic.

After Your Treatment is Complete:

Toward the end of your 4-month treatment course the team can discuss recommendations for progress or options for pursuing additional care after completion.  Many individuals do not require care beyond the 4- month treatment plan. Your treatment team will discuss options for your medication to be managed by your primary care provider and review the tools you learned in psychotherapy to manage your symptoms on your own. Should you and your treatment team agree that additional mental health services and resources are needed, our treatment team can help you identify options for ongoing care.

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