Welcome to the Cancer Biology program!

The Cancer Biology program provides students an opportunity to undertake concentrated study of the basic biological processes that underlie the control of cell growth and metabolism, and how such processes are disrupted during the initiation and progression of cancer. The program stresses the importance of fundamental genetic and molecular pathways regulating cell proliferation, differentiation, movement, and survival. Program faculty conduct research in oncogenesis, tumor suppressor genes, cell cycle control, apoptosis, tumor virology, angiogenesis, cell migration/metastasis, and cancer immunology, cancer genetics and epidemiology. Students present in a research-in-progress seminar series and attend participate in the Abramson Family Cancer Research Institute seminar series. 

The program is designed to train students primarily interested in obtaining a PhD. Degree and hoping to pursue an academic research career or careers in biotechnology and related industries.

CB Committees


Dr. Xiaolu Yang (Chair)
Dr. Patrick Grohar
Dr. Xianxin Hua
Dr. Sydney Shaffer
Dr. Eric Witze, Vice Program Chair



Dr. Margaret Chou (Chair)
Dr. Lewis Chodosh
Dr. Maureen Murphy



Dr. Kathryn Wellen - CB Representative to CAMB Curriculum Committee
Sierra McDonald - CB Student Representative to CAMB Curriculum Committee



Dr. Sandra Ryeom, Program Chair
Dr. Eric Witze, Vice Program Chair
Dr. Xiaolu Yang, Admissions Committee Chair
Dr. Katy Wellen - Curriculum Committee
Dr. Margaret Chou - Advising Committee Chair
Dr. Andrei Thomas-Tikhonenko, Prelim Advising Committee Chair


Prelim Advising

Dr. Andrei Thomas-Tikhonenko (Chair)
Dr. Brad Johnson 
Dr. Celeste Simon
Dr. Wei Tong