Faculty and Student Handbook

Matters of Conduct and Academic Integrity
  • Code of General Conduct
  • Code of Academic Integrity
  • Code of Clinical Conduct
Graduate Group Administration
Graduate Group Overview
Curriculum Overview
Programs in Cell and Molecular Biology
Faculty in Cell and Molecular Biology
Preliminary Examination
  • Proposal
  • Timetable
  • The Examining Committee
  • Exam Procedure
  • Possible Outcomes
Dissertation Phase
  • The Thesis Mentor
  • The Thesis Committee
  • Guideline for Lab Notebooks
  • Policies for Students in year 6+
  • Permission to Write and Defend
  • The Thesis Presentation and Defense
  • Graduation Procedures
Other Program Information
  • Advising
  • Academic Standards
  • Transfer of Credit
  • Transferring into CAMB
  • Terminal Master's Degree
CAMB Bylaws
  • Organization
  • Program Structure
  • Executive Committee
  • Graduate Group-wide Committees
  • Faculty Membership
  • Reviews