Cell Biology, Physiology, and Metabolism Academics

Requirements | Typical Timetable | Suggested Electives

Requirements for students in the CPM program
  • General CAMB Requirements
    • BIOM 555: Regulation of the Genome
    • BIOM 600: Cell Biology & Biochemistry
    • BIOM 611 (or the equivalent): Biologic Data Analysis
    • CAMB 605 (PhD only): Cell and Molecular Biology First Year Seminar
    • BIOM 510 (Combined Degree only): Case Studies in Translational Research
    • CAMB 542 (Combined Degree only): Topics in Molecular Medicine
  • CAMB 532: Human Physiology
  • CAMB 691: Advanced Topics in Cell Biology and Physiology I
  • CAMB 692: Advanced Topics in Cell Biology and Physiology II
  • Electives chosen from any relevant CAMB or BGS Courses and Curricula offerings, depending on interest and background.

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Requirements | Typical Timetable | Suggested Electives

Typical CPM Course Timetable
  Fall Spring Summer
Year 1 BIOM 600
CAMB 605
Lab Rotation
BIOM 555
BIOM 611
CAMB 691 or 692
Two Lab Rotations
Lab Rotation or
Pre-Dissertation Research
Year 2 CAMB 532
Pre-Dissertation Research
CAMB 691 or 692
Pre-Dissertation Research
Preliminary Examination
Dissertation research
Year 3+ Dissertation research Dissertation research Dissertation research

Requirements | Typical Timetable | Suggested Electives

Suggested Elective Courses

Whereas any CAMB courses can be used to fulfill elective requirements (depending on the student's interests and background), the following courses are likely to be of particular relevance. Students will receive guidance from CPM leadership and faculty when choosing electives.

  • CAMB 480 (BIOL 480): Advanced Cell Biology
  • CAMB 511: Principles of Development
  • CAMB 512: Cancer Genetics and Biology
  • CAMB 518: Current Topics in Ion Channels
  • CAMB 550: Genetic Principles
  • CAMB 608: Regulation of Eukaryotic Gene Expression
  • CAMB 610: Molecular Basis of Gene Therapy
  • CAMB 615: Topics in Conformational Disease
  • CAMB 698: Elective Tutorials in Cell Biology
  • CAMB 703: The ECM, Adhesion receptors, and Translational biomechanics
  • BIOL 486: Chromosomes and the Cell Cycle
  • NGG 572: Electrical Language of Cells