Congratulations to our 2024 Graduates!

Over 1,000 students have received PhDs from the CAMB Graduate Group since 1996. For a list of our alumni and their mentors/dissertation titles going back 10+ years, please see our PhD Alumni List.

We also have a new tradition of celebrating our graduates with virtual profiles! These profiles are highlighted on the BGS website at the links below, as well as on twitter.


CAMB Graduates, May 2019
The BGS Graduation Ceremony, CAMB Graduates. May 2019.
Left to right: Drs. Arwa Abbas, Elisabet Bjanes, Annie Chen, Stephen Goldstein, Zachary Hostetler, Akriti Kharbanda, Vanessa Muñoz, Michael Peel, Julianne Rieders, Adrian Rivera Reyes, Brenda Salantes, Alexandra Stanley, Ewa Stypulkowski, Camille Syrett, Zandra Walton, Elinor Willis, Hong Xie, Seth Zost

Career Paths for Recent CAMB PhD Graduates, 1 to 5 Years after Graduation

CAMB Alumni Career Paths

BGS maintains a Career Development site, which details alumni career paths for BGS as a whole.

We always like to hear from alumni and welcome any news! To submit any new alumni appointment, contact information, or other news, please email the BGS Office. There is also a Linkedin Group for all BGS Alumni and Current Students to stay connected.